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TMC-teleservices is a full service performance-based call center solutions provider. We offer custom telemarketing solutions utilizing our proprietary cloud based IVR & Avatar platforms as well as our predictive dialer solutions and our partnerships with several domestic and international call centers. We also specialize in providing TCPA compliant data, data hygenie, scrubbing, mining, forecasting and analytics. As well as a complete turn key call tracking platform which allows you to monitor all campaigns in real-time.

How it works?

Once an offer has been reviewed and accepted into our network, a dedicated account manager will match the offer to the best center based on campaign criteria, including vertical and advertiser′s preference (domestic or international).

Each campaign is then assigned a dedicated call team, a team leader and a project liaison. Once the call team is in place, each offer begins with a *** brief test period, where feedback on the campaign is requested to ensure satisfaction and make any necessary adjustments.

*** We also record all leads and can provide those upon request.


All our data is opt-in, meaning the agents are only contacting individuals who have requested to learn more about a particular product or area, and scrubbed against the DNC prior to any dialing to ensure full compliance with TTC rules and regulations.

The agents then further qualify the lead through a series of criteria established by the advertiser and offer.

Once the prospect′s information has been verified and interested qualified the team is able to submit leads two ways: form entry or live transfer.